Thursday, September 25, 2014

Bedevilment and Judgement

Here are two more card designs for The Marvelous Oracle of Oz. The first is from an illustration by John R. Neill for the second book in the series, The Land of Oz. After the flying gump crash-lands in a mountainside nest, they are set upon by a flock of jackdaws, from whom they are saved by the Tin man. This exact scene -- minus the jackdaws and the Tin Man -- was put on the big screen in Walter Murch's wonderful movie Return to Oz. If you haven't seen it, it is a must... a real love letter to Oz and the books. Its release  was deliberately torpedoed by incoming Disney CEO Michael Eisner, because it had been greenlighted by his predecessor... and Eisner did not want his predecessor's pictures to perform well at the box office!

... and here is an Ozian version of JUDGEMENT. Illustrator W.W. Denslow issued his own series of non-canonical Oz picturebooks when the publishers chose John R. Neill to replace him. This is from one of those books, in which The Scarecrow and the Tin Man go on a joy-ride in a jaunty jalopy and wreak havoc upon everyone who gets in their way.

More card designs coming soon!

-- Freder.