Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A New Look for the Deck

Well, the job just got more complicated, and is going to take longer than I wished. But -- I was not completely happy with the look of the first few cards and felt that they needed something more... and the word that I settled on was "tactile."

I wanted to give a sense that the cards had been used and knocked around a biut, and that they had been places and come from somewhere. And I remembered seeing this battered old Dondorf Lenormand deck from the collection of blogger LeFanu, which included card meanings that had been written on them by the original owner! His deck has been lovingly reproduced and is available here; meanwhile, it gave me the notion for one more layer I could add on.

So now -- all the designs that you see below are going to change. They won't all have stamps, and even the stamped ones won't all have cancellation marks; they won't all have handwriting on them; perhaps they'll have clippings pinned onto them? Who knows? I'm going to have a little fun, and instead of just slapping illustrations onto cards, I'm going to "embroider," so to speak. I think the deck will benefit from all this... of course it means more work for me, I guess that's not a bad thing.

I feel much better now about the direction the deck is going in, and I hope you like the new look, too.

-- Freder