Monday, October 27, 2014

The Path to Fortune... and When the Creator Gets It Wrong

The Broadway stage play based upon the life of Mister Tik-Tok has apparently been a hit... and he is carrying the proceeds off to the Bank of Oz. But Fortune is not fortune if you don't take the time to smell the flowers, and Tik -Tok has throughtfully pressed some between the cards of this deck.

I had to do a little bit of color-correction on this one... to repair an inconsistency in the original books. Well, authors sometimes forget the details of their own creations. Heaven knows it happened to Stan Lee often enough, but it also happened to L. Frank Baum and his principle illustrator, John R. Neill.

As can plainly be seen in the original illustration, included below, Neill incorrectly colored Tik-Tok (here and elsewhere... even in his own book) as being made of galvanized steel:

... in fact, as any Historian of Oz knows, Tik-Tok is made of COPPER. COPPER, Mister Neill, NOT STEEL. So... I took the opportunity here to fix up our favorite mechanical man in his proper shades. You can thank me later.

-- Freder.