Saturday, December 6, 2014

Got a Grip on You...

With work on the companion book for my Tarot of the Zirkus Mägi all but done, it's my hope that I can now turn back to Oz and start pushing this project through to completion. I haven't made an up-to-date count on how many cards I've done for this deck, but I'm certain that I must be more than halfway there. The book was a big part of what was standing in my way, and the reason why there haven't been any updates lately. You might say that the book was an Entanglement, and now that I'm free of the thing I'm ready to turn back to projects that actually interest me. 

The base card of course is by Denslow, while the Nome King is an actual paper doll drawn by John R. Neill for The Oz Toy Book. When you add in The Devil card from my own deck (see above) ... well, such a collection of Evil is Seldom Seen outside of the U.S. Congress!

-- Freder