Sunday, December 28, 2014

Into even Fantasy Character's Lives a Little Rain...

This card corresponds to the Three of Swords. Unless I have mis-counted it is the fiftieth card that I've designed for this deck. I'd like to push that number up closer to seventy. We'll see how that goes. If I get higher than fifty-two, but not close enough to seventy, I might be forced to cut the number of cards back to fifty-two, which might not be a bad thing in the sense that it would allow me to weed out some of the cards I don't care so much for. But officially now I am aiming for a 70 to 72-card deck, like my Golliwogg Oracle. More cards simply makes for a better tool: the more words you have in your vocabulary, the more things you can say, yes?

Woot! I have to start thinking about a back design for the cards. One good thing: the standard "OZ" logo with the Z fitted inside the O is completely reversible. I guess I know where to start.

Thanks everyone for your growing enthusiasm for the deck. It helps a lot!!!

-- Freder.