Monday, January 12, 2015

The 60th Card

... just ten more to go! I've scanned more than enough illustrations to use as base cards; even so, I'm still looking for images that speak to me. It's going to get interesting from here on in. As I near the end of this project, my numbering system is kind of going all to hell... but hopefully the correspondences won't get too badly mauled. I basically decided that I want the cards to be numbered continuously 1 to 70 with no gaps, so that it will feel "complete."

Then the real work starts... I'll need to go over all the designs, make any changes that I feel they need (which shouldn't be too  bad as I've been doing this gradually all along), make sure everything is order, finish the little pamphlet (just four pages, like the one that comes with my Golliwogg Oracle... it's mostly done). Then I'll need to make the final .png files at the size and resolution that The Game Crafter requires, and begin the process of uploading everything to their system. That could take a couple of days all by itself. I really should start doing it now. When everything is ready to go, I'll need to order up a printed proof for that final check. That can take as much as three weeks to arrive. 

During that waiting time, that's when you can expect to see a new site go up for my next deck project. This will be a full Tarot Deck in the Marseilles style, unlike anything anyone else is doing. I don't expect it to have the same appeal as the Oz deck, but who knows? There may be a few Anglophiles out there who'll "get" it.

Many thanks for your enthusiasm and support!!

-- Freder.