Sunday, October 19, 2014

Be Sure to Wind His Brains Up, Too....

Debuting in the third book of the series, Ozma of Oz, the mechanical man Tik-Tok is one of my favorite Ozian personalities. After a sustained period of hibernation he returned to life when Dorothy wound up his two gears: one for action and one for thinking. He was realized beautifully in Walter Murch's wonderful and often overlooked film, Return to Oz, which derives its plot from the second and third Oz books. And so it was kind of a Peak Experienece for me when, during my one and only trip to England. I finally "met" Tik Tok in person at the Museum of the Moving image. In every way as marvelous a machine in real life as he is in the book and movie, I wanted so badly to wind him up once again. 

-- Freder.