Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Jack Pumpkinhead Born Again

Another of my favorite Oz characters is a true accident of birth, Mister Jack Pumpkinhead. He was created by Pip / Ozma as a prank to frighten nasty old Mombi the witch... and when sprinkled with the magical Powder of Life he sprang into consciousness as the most ungainly and innocent of characters. Although, like all the other inhabitants of Oz, he is technically immortal, his head does have a tendency to rot. For this reason he tends a large garden full of replacement heads, so that he's never at a loss when he needs a new outlook on life. However, the old ones never go to waste. With all their accumulated knowledge, they make an excellent mulch for his pumpkin patch. Yes, even knowledge and experience can be recycled and rejuvenated.

-- Freder.