Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Moving Right Along...

This card has a nifty dual meaning that I didn't (at first) intend. It's both EXPEDITE and EXPEDITION, in the sense that Ojo and the others are expediting The Scarecrow's ascent (or decent) up (or down) the ladder -- but they are also all together on an expedition through the mysterious unexplored areas of the Land of Oz

Well... when you go on an expedition, it is a good thing, is it not, to have others along to help and aid, and whom you can help and aid, when things go wrong -- as they inevitably do!

Although not the most detailed map of Oz available, the little one that I've included here at least has the benefit of placing the Munchkin country in its correct location -- in the Eastern parts of Oz. Some maps reverse its position with the Winkie country. L. Frank Baum himself got their locations confused, much as Stan Lee couldn't remember the names or other vital details of his own characters. These things happen to Creative Folk. 

-- Freder.