Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pardon My French

Some designs go like a wonderful dream; others are the Pure Stuff of Nightmares. This particular son of a bitch would fall into the latter category. You've seen it once before -- in fact you've seen two versions of it before, both of which sucked bilge water. I think it sucks slightly less now. 

W.W. Denslow was normally as great a designer as he was an illustrator, but this is probably one of his worst laid-out illustrations -- with a huge blank space bang in the middle, a girl attendant who has no business being in the bloody picture at all... and the Scarecrow just stuck on there all anyhow, sitting on the floor for no reason other than to balance out the girl attendant who shouldn't even be there! After having worked with this illustration for a while, and even having tried to alter the layout digitally, I can now say with some feeling that I hate this illustration with a purple passion.

You wouldn't believe what this stupid card has put me through. It's been such a pain in my ass that I just want to throw at someone and say, "Here's your damn card, take it or leave it!!" It now corresponds to the "Judgement" card in a normal tarot deck, and good riddance to the bloody thing. I'm not going to dick around with it any more.

-- Freder.