Saturday, December 20, 2014

Soft Sculpture

Yes, this uses the same number as the card I posted a few days ago, called "Deliverance." Well -- I still don't like anything about that other goddamn card, so I've pulled it out of the deck, and re-assigned the number to this one.

L. Frank Baum's books operate specifically on the level with a child's understanding of the world: absolutely everything in the Land of Oz is alive and has a soul -- all that's needed is something like Doctor Nikidik's magical Powder of Life to give the thing animation and allow it to speak its mind. Here we see Scraps the Patchwork Girl in her nascent state, before the Powder has worked its wonders on her. She was created to be an indentured servant: but she was born with a free spirit, and wasn't going to have any of that "slave" stuff, no matter what. Oz is full of once-inanimate objects that have a mind of their own... in this way, is it really so very different from the world that we live in?

-- Freder.