Saturday, December 13, 2014

When Art Fights Back

Holy Mother of Cheezits, but I had a hard time with this god-damn card. I still don't like it. I don't like the black background, but trust me, without it the image looks like shit on toast. Nothing else works. At one point, just before I broke for dinner, I threw the bloody thing in the trash. Maybe it should have stayed there. Maybe it should go back. This is what happens when art goes bad: you bang your head on it until the blood runs into your eyes and still can't make it hang together the way that it should. You just reach a point where it looks somewhat less like something that your cat coughed up, and you're too tired to wrestle any more with the son of a bitch. Any suggestions? I'd welcome anything that would break the ice on this miserable mess.

EDIT: I can't stop farting around with the thing. It's driving me nuts. I think maybe I like the version below just a little bit better. Any votes?

-- Freder.