Sunday, January 18, 2015

Getting Ahead in The Game...

They say a lady is entitled to change her mind, but Princess Langwedere of the kingdom of Ev (neighboring fairyland to Oz) takes this privilege entirely too far. As dramatized so memorably in Return to Oz, she has stolen the heads of her more attractive female subjects. She keeps them in a long row of locked cabinets, and changes her own head as the mood suits her. 

She would like to add Dorothy's head to the collection.

The original illustration as scanned directly from an old edition of the book was a monotone in black, white and blue, so I colored it myself, using real textures for the background and Langwedere's dress. Having gone to that trouble, I didn't feel like covering it all up with a bunch of stuff... so I added Little Orphan Annie's head to the collection via a vintage pinback button, along with a cut from an old milliner's ad in the lower left.

More to come!