Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Party's Almost Over...

Who's lucky enough to have Santa Claus come to their birthday party? Ozma, of course! -- And not just any old department store Santa, either, but the REAL Santa from the North Pole.

EVERYONE came to Ozma's birthday party, including a good percentage of characters from L. Frank Baum's other books. Besides Santa, they were joined by John Dough and The Cherub, among many others. When the time came for them all to go home, The Wizard introduced his fabulous giant bubble machine. A quick pull of the level, and a protective bubble enclosed you and carried you safely away across the Deadly Desert and on to home. Most likely, this is where MGM got the idea to have Glinda travel around in a green bubble. She didn't do that in the books. 

The deck needed One Personal Thing from me to make it truly complete. I settled on a Tom Mix Straight Shooter badge, originally from my mother's vast collection of Americana, now mine. What could make you feel safer and better protected than a genuine Tom Mix Straight Shooter Badge? 

One card to go. Card #70. Coming Soon.

-- Frede.